Nyonya Kain


The Beginning

In late 2018, after a fleeting but enchanting journey to Kelantan with her loved ones, Dayana Reza was captivated by the region’s rich tapestry of textiles. Entranced, she brought her cherished finds back to Kuala Lumpur, eager to share the beauty of these artisanal treasures with her relatives and friends in the urban sprawl. This passion for Kelantan’s textiles sowed the seeds for a vibrant side venture, blossoming alongside her day-to-day commitments in the corporate world.

Nyonya Kain

“Weaving Tradition into Modern Threads.”

The name “Nyonya Kain” combines “Nyonya,” meaning a young woman, with “Kain,” our original focus on selling textiles and batik products. Together, it means “Kain Lady.” Nyonya Kain Dayana, who grew up in Melaka, has always loved the deep-rooted customs of the Peranakan and Malay Archipelago cultures. Driven by this passion, she incorporates various Peranakan textiles and patterns into our products, aiming to revive the popularity of batik and traditional clothes in today’s lifestyle for everyone, regardless of age or background.

Driven by her enthusiasm for Batik and a commitment to philanthropy, she has pursued a successful career in the finance industry since 2014. She is a graduate of the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting, and attained her Chartered Accountant status through CPA Australia in early 2019. Her entrepreneurial journey includes several ventures, starting in 2010 post-SPM, where she facilitated the sale of pre-loved luxury items for relatives and close friends. In 2016, she launched DR Fotografi, a reflection of her ardor for photography, specializing in martial arts, culinary, and intimate relationship photography. In her leisure, she is passionate about dancing, martial arts, and exploring new destinations. She is a 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, applying the principles of self-discipline and perseverance learned from martial arts to her professional and personal life.

Our Brand

We offers a diverse range of contemporary batik fashion wear and handmade accessories, including wallets, pouches, scarves, and scrunchies. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our zero-waste approach, ensuring that every piece of fabric is maximized in crafting our products. Discover the latest in textiles and batik fashion while supporting eco-friendly practices with Nyonya Kain.

Our vision

We are dedicated to reviving the rich art and culture of traditional textiles, seamlessly blending them into modern everyday life. By infusing our heritage into contemporary fashion, we aim to     raise awareness of the textile industry and its significance to the broader audience. Join us in celebrating our heritage while embracing sustainable fashion choices with Nyonya Kain.

Our Goal

At Nyonya Kain, we aspire to be more than just a business; we strive to be a social enterprise that empowers our customers and gives back to the community. Through collaborations and support, we foster #supportlocal and #kitajagakita spirit among Malaysians. Currently,now expanding its reach overseas, aiming to create international demand for our exquisite batik products. Join us in promoting sustainable fashion with Nyonya Kain.