Frequently ask questions

If your question isn’t covered in our FAQ, please reach out to us directly. We respond promptly to ensure you get the assistance you need for the best experience with us 🙂

Sometimes we will have limited prints available so be sure to follow us to grab the prints you like as we post! 

The reason why is because we want it to be as unique, and limited to you as unique, and limited to you as possible! Less production, less clashes, more uniques, MORE YOU! 🙂

You could request for any customizations to the regarding designs for an extra fee! 

Want a sleeve to a sleeveless top?
Want a slit to be covered?
Want to add a ribbon?

Just CONTACT us! We will try our best to accustom to your needs. As long as it feels unique and comfortable to you!

Currently we do not accept any return or refund once we have shipped.